12 november 2012

Na 5 jaar werk hebben de ontwerpers Bill Younker en Larry Gormley een film poster klaar dat het beste van de film geschiedenis tussen 1910 en 2012 in kaart brengt. hetgeen zo'n 2000 films en 20 genres omvat. (via cartoonbrew)
Then I developed a set of criteria that I used as a model during the research phase of this project. Every film that was a candidate for the graphic was ranked according to the criteria. The criteria was as follows:
  • Critical acclaim: did one or more respected and published film critics designate the film as important and worthy of recognition. Some examples include: the Nation Society of Film Critics and Roger Ebert.
  • Key film: was the film important to a particular genre (for example, the first film of that genre); did an important director make the film; did the film have unique production values; did the film have historical value.
  • Awards: did the film win one or more major awards such as the Academy Award or Golden Globe award.
  • Box office success: did the public embrace the movie; did the movie attain significant box office revenue.

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