14 augustus 2008

Voor mensen die is in Google willen zoeken zonder resultaten tegen te komen van Google zelf bestaat er nu het onofficiele "Google minus Google".  Deze paradie op Google zorgt er dan ook voor dat alle Google diensten er worden uitgefilterd, door de uitzondeirngsregels van de officiele Google te gebruiken.

De zoekopdracht is daardoor nog steeds bij Google maar met deze uitzonderingen : [site:google.* -site:google.co.* -site:google.com.* -site:blogger.com -site:youtube.com -site:blogspot.com -site:jaiku.com -site:gmail.com].

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  1. I have no idea what you are saying in your post, but thanks anyway!

    I updated the site to use Google's Custom Search Engine, which has allowed me to block more than 2500 sites owned by Google. The user experience has improved a lot thanks to the change.

  2. I'm basicly saying that their is a new Google parody site that allows you to use Google but withouth getting any results from it's many services. Underneath the logo their is a list of items that need the site has put in exclude in order to work.

    When in trouble their is always Google Translate. In this case it looks like this. I'm thinking about adding a service in order to get automaticly translated feeds in other languages.

    Perhaps through the mloovi servcice, but it'ld be nice if I could use Google Translate for it. Since almost everything else on this site comes from the Google services ;)


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